About me:
City Girl meets her Manly Guy, gets married and starts a family. A son is born and she stops working full-time. Family moves to Ireland for a year, returns to Northern California, has twin girls, family relocates to India for a year (where she gets pregnant again), returns to Northern CA again in time for the birth of daughter #3. Family lives in downtown loft with four kids for less than a year when husband announces that city living is making him crazy . . .

Nine months later the family moves into a house in wine country and starts to settle into a different life: kids running around the yard, Manly Guy planting vegetables and trees in the garden, City Girl begins making preserves and learns to enjoy a range of domestic projects. Kids move from Catholic school to French immersion school and their lives take on a French twist. City Girl becomes a writer, inspired to write her first YA novel about an 11 YO boy who moves to India.

Fast forward to 2014: Manly Guy gets a job in NYC and the whole family moves to Brooklyn. Apartment search is based on a public school with a Dual Language Program in French. Now life is super-urban, still French-influenced, and centered around the (bigger) kids. After a year of writing and a year of revisions, in March 2016 City Girl finishes her first novel and begins the hunt for agent and publisher . . .

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  1. Heather! As always, LOVED the holiday card! I’ll be in the Bay Area for two weeks over Christmas and would like to get together if possible. Email me your phone! -Betsy

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