Josh Brody and The Invisible Hand

This is my very first YA novel and I’m excited to say that I’ve finished my second revision. I’ve recorded all the chapters into audio files and will have them up shortly so that you can sample chapters (or even hear the book in its entirety).

Here is the back cover description of the story:

Can Josh Brody help save mankind?

Josh and his twin sister must leave California to live with their father, whom they have never known. After flying halfway around the world to India, they meet Andrew Brody, an expat workaholic who seems to have little interest in them.

Strange things start to happen from the first day in Bangalore. Josh wonders if someone is trying to kill him. When a freak accident tears the family apart, Josh blames himself. Little does he know that warring factions of a shadowy organization are trying to influence him, with high stakes on both sides.

As he navigates settling into a new school, trying to make friends, and adjusting to living in a foreign country with his father, Josh faces a series of tests meant to destroy him. Will he live to find out what his mission on Earth is?