Pneumonia?! Again?

I’ve only had a cold since last Thursday, but by Saturday afternoon I was already feeling the tightness in the chest.  Seriously?!  So close to Christmas?!  I went to the doctor’s office today and confirmed it: yes, I have pneumonia. Again.  For the sixth time since early 2008.

When we returned from India a little less than five years ago, I was almost eight months pregnant with our youngest.  Thankfully, none of us caught anything terrible during our year in India (there are some nasty bugs there, so I was very relieved), but ironically I caught a cold/flu thing soon after our return and I got really sick, sicker than I had in many years.  After three weeks of suffering, I finally went to the doctor with a horrible cough and was diagnosed with pneumonia.  They admitted me to the hospital for a couple of days to administer antibiotics, and I recovered fully by the time she was born, but they warned me that for at least five years I would be susceptible to pneumonia.

March will be the five-year mark for the first bout, and I wonder if these annual (or worse) cases of pneumonia will subside.  Manly Guy gets frustrated with me when I get a cold and I don’t rest, but it is *so* hard when there is so much to do!  Now I have no choice but to take my antibiotics and crawl into bed.  Here’s hoping I get better in time to see the kids’ piano recital this weekend . . .

2 thoughts on “Pneumonia?! Again?

  1. Heather dearest please get better. It makes me sad to know you are not well. Take rest and let the cards fall will they will for now.

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