First Signs of Spring


Our plum tree is quietly announcing that spring will soon be here.

The tree is still mostly bare– I only counted four blossoms yesterday.  But I suspect that by the end of February our backyard plum tree will be covered in blossoms.  Two years ago that happened, and a hail storm a week later wiped them all out, leaving us plum-less for the year.  (I think there were two tiny plums on the tree in June that year.)  Last year the tree blossomed in late February/early March and we were blessed with a wonderful harvest.  I made many jars of plum jelly, which is perfect for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

But no use counting my plums before they are fruit!  The weather has been ridiculously lovely today– I think we hit the low 70’s this afternoon.  Which is pretty crazy for February.  When I posted on Facebook about our weather, friends on the East Coast (and other colder climes) teased me for our perennial lovely climate.  Manly Guy and I have decided that California *does* have four seasons, just not the traditional ones.  Ours are Nice, Perfect, Warm and Cool.

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